Management Team

Dr. Bernd Liesenfeld

Dr. Liesenfeld joined Quick-Med in 2004 and led the development of the NIMBUS® technology used in the Bioguard line of products licensed to Derma Sciences. He has been involved in all aspects of commercializing Quick-Med's antimicrobial technologies, including biochemistry, biosafety, regulatory and production development. Dr. Liesenfeld also led the Quick-Med team that received the top industrial research prize at the 2011 Wound Healing Society meeting for U.S. Army-sponsored research that showed improved wound healing in an animal model of vesicant injury using an advanced multi-feature NIMBUS dressing. Dr. Liesenfeld received a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida and holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Management from the University of Vermont.

Dr. William Toreki
Vice President, Research & Development

Dr. Toreki joined the Company in 2002 as QMT’s Chief Scientist and is the lead inventor on ten of the Company’s patents. Dr. Toreki received a Ph.D. in Polymer and Analytical Chemistry in 1988 from The University of Florida, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from The University of Delaware in 1982.

Dr. Toreki is an experienced inventor with 20 granted US patents to his credit, and during his tenure at QMT, he has been responsible for the development of three new antimicrobial platforms, including the adaptation of orphaned technology into the new Stay Fresh® antimicrobial system, the NIMBUS® antimicrobial technology that forms the core technology of the company, and the NimbuDermantimicrobial skin protection formulation.