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Jean-Michel Cousteau, Troy Aikman, and Drew Bledsoe Hold Press Conference in Louisiana to Endorse Breakthrough Technology to Help Clean Up BP Oil Spill

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Ecosphere's Patented Ozonix Technology in Gulf Ready for Deployment

STUART, Fla., June 10, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ESPH), a diversified water engineering and environmental services company, displayed its non-chemical Ecosphere Ozonix water treatment systems at a press conference in New Orleans yesterday. The news conference held at Mid-Gulf Recovery Services was attended by world-renowned environmentalist and ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau and football greats, Troy Aikman and Drew Bledsoe. The patented Ecosphere Ozonix systems do not use chemicals for water treatment and have been built specifically to remove oil and chemicals from seawater. Reporters and film crews from local ABC and NBC affiliates, as well a crew from PBS attended the event. Fox News also interviewed Troy Aikman. See link to interview:

Jean-Michel Cousteau, President of Ocean Futures Society, stated, "Ecosphere has been providing its patented Ozonix technology to help major energy companies recycle their frac waters by eliminating chemical biocides. We must now use this same technology to help restore our seas and shores while protecting the habitats of the marine and wildlife of the Gulf Coast. Now is the time for action, action, action and this is technology that needs to be put to work immediately."

Former NFL Football quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Drew Bledsoe, both of whom are investors in Ecosphere Energy Services, LLC, a majority owned subsidiary of Ecosphere Technologies, spoke to the media about their involvement in bringing this technology to the Gulf. Drew Bledsoe helped fund the earliest units that have been used successfully by major energy companies to recycle water that is used in their fracturing operations to eliminate chemical biocides.

Drew Bledsoe said, "It's the responsible thing to do. We have the technology and we know that it works. We feel we can make a difference down here." Troy Aikman added, "Hopefully, we can get the right people turned on to this and show them what this technology can do."

Glen Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Mid-Gulf Recovery Services, said, "We did extensive research to find the most proven technology on the market working every day to help in this oil spill disaster. The Ecosphere Ozonix equipment is by far the most field proven non-chemical high volume water treatment technology on the market. There is no other equipment available that combines its non-chemical technology with its mobility and large volume capability. Mid-Gulf's expertise is responding to natural disasters and this is the right equipment for this unfortunate disaster we are dealing with in the Gulf states. We have the right equipment, the right people to do the job, and are ready to deploy as soon as we get the go ahead and we're working on that now."

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Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ESPH) is a diversified water engineering and environmental services company. The Company provides environmental services and technologies for use in large-scale and sustainable applications across industries, nations and ecosystems.

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In 1965 the catastrophic events of Hurricane Betsy propelled Mid Gulf Recovery into action. Since that time our nation has been faced with numerous natural disasters ranging from flooding to the devastation of major hurricanes. Mid Gulf is proud to have served our nation then and we are proud to continue those same efforts in the future.

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