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Ecosphere Technologies Saves Local Marina From Closing Down; Destroys Toxic Algae Bloom

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Politicians, Environmentalists, Local Community & Media Witness Chemical Free Solution Capable of Providing Immediate Relief to Martin & St. Lucie Counties

STUART, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 07/20/16 -- Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: ESPH), a technology development and intellectual property licensing company, today announced that it completed a one week operation to revitalize a local marina that was virtually shut down due to a toxic cyanobacteria "blue-green algae" bloom the size of a football field with 4" to 12" thick of toxic algae and hundreds of dead fish on the surface. Presenting not only an environmental disaster, but also a health hazard to the local community, Ecosphere deployed its equipment and personnel at its own cost to help save the local business and to demonstrate the effectiveness of its patented, high-volume, chemical-free water treatment technology.

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Over the course of one week, Ecosphere worked with local and state organizations, including the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to run its patented OZONIX® equipment. On Friday, July 15, Ecosphere left the Outboards Only (aka the "Casa Rio Boatyard") marina in Rio, FL in pristine condition with the local business re-opening their doors, employees back to work and water/air quality conditions thriving.

Phil and Chris Norman, the Owners/Operators of Outboards Only Marina, stated, "We want to thank Ecosphere Technologies and its great team of employees for removing the toxic algae bloom that had shut down our business. It cannot be overstated how badly the algae had flourished and killed all marine life, made it impossible to bring boats in or out, and caused employees to become sick from the toxic fumes that were created by the thick algae. The OZONIX® equipment destroyed the algae and allowed us to get back to business. From dead fish all over the surface before they got here to snook, jacks, and mullets in the water by the time they left. We are very grateful and appreciative of Ecosphere's efforts on our behalf."

Kyla Morkel, the Business Manager of Outboards Only Marina, also stated, "We are extremely grateful to Ecosphere Technologies for stepping up when no one else would and providing a solution to the toxic algae problem in our water, in turn providing better air quality for not only us but also the surrounding community."

This event marks the second time that Ecosphere has demonstrated its multi-patented Ecosphere OZONIX® technology for local and state officials in Martin and St. Lucie Counties to respond to the algae crisis that continues to threaten the quality of life for many along the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon.

If given the opportunity and funds become allocated, Ecosphere is ready and willing to deploy numerous OZONIX® machines to not only clean up localized algae blooms in Martin and St. Lucie Counties, but to treat Lake Okeechobee discharges at Port Mayaca, preventing algae blooms from reaching Martin and St. Lucie County communities downstream of the Lake. In fact, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approved U.S. Patent No. 8,999,154 in 2015, which is specifically related to treating Lake Okeechobee waters and increasing the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of the C44 Canal so that algae cannot live and thrive in these drainage canals that feed the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon.

As evidenced in National news stories, the threat of toxic cyanobacteria is not only a local threat, but also a growing issue worldwide. Ecosphere has proven that its multi-patented OZONIX® Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Technology can provide immediate relief to communities effected by toxic cyanobacteria "Blue-Green Algae" and has equipment ready to deploy.

About Ecosphere's Patented OZONIX® Water Treatment Technology
Since 2008, OZONIX®, a revolutionary Ozone-Based Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), has enabled customers to treat, recycle and reuse over 6 billion gallons of water around the United States, while eliminating millions of gallons of liquid chemicals from various industrial operations. With expanded customer adoption in the United States and throughout the world, Ecosphere's customers and licensees are treating waters in the Oil and Gas, Food & Beverage, Landfill Leachate, Marine Port & Terminal, Agriculture and Industrial Wastewater treatment industries. The Company has also manufactured and deployed approximately 60 OZONIX® machines to date for a wide variety of customers and licensing partners.

Ecosphere's patented OZONIX® technology is protected by 23 approved and pending United States patents including but not limited to the 14 approved U.S. Patent No's. 7,699,994; 7,699,988; 7,785,470; 7,943,087; 8,318,027; 8,721,898; 8,858,064; 8,936,392; 8,906,242; 8,968,577; 8,999,154; 9,034,180; 9,169,146; 9,266,752; and Numerous Patents Pending.

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About Ecosphere Technologies
Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: ESPH) is a technology development and intellectual property licensing company that develops environmental solutions for global water, energy and industrial markets. We help industry increase production, reduce costs, and protect the environment through a portfolio of unique, patented technologies that are available for exclusive and nonexclusive licensing opportunities across a wide range of industries and applications throughout the world.

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