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CTD Holdings, Inc. - NanoSonic Products Division Signs Manufacturing Agreement With Florida Biologix

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ALACHUA, Fla., Feb. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NanoSonic Products, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CTD Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:CTDH), announced that the Company has signed a manufacturing agreement with Florida Biologix for the production of the sterile liquid form of its Trappsol Cyclo product, an orphan drug-designated treatment for Niemann Pick Type-C disease, also known as Childhood Alzheimer's, which affects children and adults and manifests with progressive neurological symptoms. Trappsol Cyclo is currently being administered in the U.S. under a compassionate use IND.

"Manufacturing of the liquid form of our Trappsol Cyclo is the first step in our stability testing project for this product," stated NanoSonic Products President and CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Tate, "Obtaining stability data for this form of our product is a top priority, and the opportunity to work with Florida Biologix's manufacturing experts will move it forward quickly."

Trappsol Cyclo is the world's only API-grade cyclodextrin product. As it develops, it will be the lead product for Sphingo Biotechnology, Inc. another wholly owned division of CTD Holdings, Inc. exclusively focused on the development of API-grade cyclodextrins as treatments for disease.

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About NanoSonic Products, Inc.:

NanoSonic Products, Inc. is part of the CTD Holdings, Inc. family of companies. CTD Holdings companies manufacture and market Trappsol and Aquaplex cyclodextrins and cyclodextrin complexes for food, nutrition and pharmaceutical markets. NanoSonic Products, Inc. operates is the world's only cGMP pulse drying facility for the production of pharmaceutical grade Aquaplex cyclodextrin complexes. The company offers a wide variety of cyclodextrin related manufacturing services to its worldwide customers; including custom formulation, manufacturing, and commercial scale supply of pharmaceutical grade cyclodextrin complexes.

About Florida Biologix

Florida Biologix is a Phase I/II biologics contract development, manufacturing and testing organization that offers a range of biopharmaceutical services. They provide exceptional customer service, close project collaboration, and clear and honest communication. Florida Biologix' in-house quality departments reside within the 23,000 square foot, state-of-the-art GMP facility, designed for multi-product bulk substance manufacturing, cell therapy product manufacturing and aseptic vial filling; an adjacent building houses the 5,000 square foot process development laboratories. 

Florida Biologix staff are not only experts in biologics manufacturing, based on a foundation of science and engineering, but are also approachable, trustworthy, and believe that the best way to build long-term relationships with clients is through open communication and on-time delivery.

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