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Cleartronic, Inc.'s (CLRI) Subsidiary Expands ReadyOp(TM) Services Into Election Campaigns

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BOCA RATON, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 02/09/16 -- Cleartronic, Inc. (OTC PINK: CLRI) through its subsidiary ReadyOp Communications Inc., announces that ReadyOp™ is now in use in three political campaigns and will be expanding its marketing efforts to include other election candidates.

"We have been working with two US Senate candidates and most recently with the Ted Cruz campaign staff. The ability for these three campaign teams to use ReadyOp™ to communicate rapidly and in multiple ways with their own campaign teams, their volunteers, and the delegates for the state caucuses has proven a great asset. ReadyOp™ was built to enable fast, efficient distribution of information to individuals and groups, regardless of location. Additionally, with ReadyOp™, the campaign teams are able to plan meetings, rallies and other activities quickly and efficiently. Campaigns involve the planning and coordination of many people, often in different locations and under severe time limits -- ReadyOp™ is a great tool for these campaigns," said Marc Moore, CEO of ReadyOp Communications, Inc.

Moore continued, "Based on the success we are having with these campaigns, we have begun a focus in this area and anticipate a growing presence nationwide in election campaign planning, management and communication."

Planning and communications are vital to success for all organizations. ReadyOp provides an easy and efficient, yet powerful capability for organizations, government agencies, airports, universities and other groups for daily operations, to plan for special events and to plan and respond for incidents that may occur.

About Cleartronic, Inc.

Cleartronic, Inc. (OTC: CLRI) is a technology holding company that creates and acquires operating subsidiaries to develop, manufacture and sell products, services and integrated systems to government agencies and business enterprises. ReadyOp™ is a secure, web-based platform providing organizations with a single site for planning, response, communications and documentation of personnel, tasks, assets and activities. Cleartronic currently has two operating subsidiaries, ReadyOp Communications, Inc. and VoiceInterop, Inc. -

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