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Cleartronic Announces Expanded License Agreement With Collabria LLC

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BOCA RATON, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 02/25/15 -- Cleartronic, Inc. (OTC: CLRI), a technology holding company, announced today that it has entered into a new License Agreement with Collabria LLC, a communications software company based in Tampa, Florida. The agreement strengthens the relationship between the companies and names Cleartronic, together with its newly formed subsidiary ReadyOp Communications, Inc., as the primary conduit for future marketing and sales of the ReadyOp platform developed and currently being marketed by Collabria LLC. While specific terms were not disclosed, the agreement calls for the issuance of shares of Cleartronic stock to Collabria LLC in return for a master distributor relationship for the ReadyOp platform.

"We have had a strategic relationship with Collabria prior to this, but Collabria has maintained their own sales and marketing focus. With this agreement, our new ReadyOp Communications subsidiary will take the lead role of marketing ReadyOp," stated Cleartronic CEO Larry Reid. "Our marketing efforts will include local, state, national and international clients in multiple industries and government agencies. We will also continue the integration of our hardware products with the ReadyOp communications platform."

Marc Moore, CEO of Collabria LLC and now a Director of Cleartronic, added, "This new licensing agreement will provide the opportunity for us to focus our sales and marketing efforts in one company while maintaining the development work on the communications platform in a separate entity. The ReadyOp platform is now proven and in daily operational use by many agencies at all levels of government and internationally. We will now be expanding our marketing efforts in our existing markets and expanding into new territories. Additionally we have added several new capabilities to ReadyOp in recent months that enhance its power, speed and flexibility."

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Collabria's software suite ReadyOp™ provides government agencies, hospitals, first responders, companies and unified commands with multiple communication capabilities and options in a single, secure platform. ReadyOp is designed to support daily operations, special event planning, incident management and emergency response and recovery. ReadyOp's simple, flexible interface allows users to focus on the response activities by providing multiple communications capabilities with and between responders in multiple organizations. For more information, please visit

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