Management Team

Ryan Drexler

Chairman of the Board, CEO and President

Ryan Drexler is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Consac, LLC (“Consac”), a privately held firm that invests in the securities of publicly traded and venture-stage companies. Previously, Mr. Drexler served as President of Country Life Vitamins, a family owned nutritional supplements and natural products company he joined in 1993. In addition to developing strategic objectives and overseeing acquisitions for Country Life, Mr. Drexler created new brands that include the BioChem family of sports and fitness nutrition products. Mr. Drexler negotiated and led the process which resulted in the sale of Country Life in 2007 to the Japanese conglomerate Kikkoman Corp. Mr. Drexler graduated from Northeastern University, where he earned a BA in political science.

Brent Baker

Executive VP of Sales

Brent Baker joined MusclePharm® in March 2012 to spearhead all aspects of International Business.  Using innovative and strategic thinking, while also tapping deep client relationships through a network built over a 15-year career, Baker consistently delivers high-performance. He continually challenges his team to collaborate in building global sales and expansion for the company. Before coming to MusclePharm®, Baker held leadership roles at Twinlab Corporation, Abbott, E.A.S. International, Cisco Systems and AT&T Broadband.

Brian Casutto

Executive VP of Sales and Operations