Fuse Science, Inc., (OTCQB: DROP)

Fuse Science, Inc. is an innovative consumer products company based in Miami Lakes, Florida.  Fuse Science is the developer of new, patent-pending technologies poised to redefine how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals.  The company has successfully developed and maintains the rights to sublingual and transdermal delivery systems for bioactive agents that can now, for the first time, effectively encapsulate and charge many varying molecules in order to produce complete product formulations which can bypass the gastrointestinal tract and enter the blood stream directly – all in a concentrated “DROP” form that is simply applied under the tongue.  The Fuse Science technology is designed to accelerate conveyance of medicines or nutrients relative to traditional pills and liquids and can enhance how consumers receive these products. 

Our mission is to make Fuse Science and its brands a household name, and the Superior alternative to current category standards. We will accomplish this by securing major distribution and endorsement partnerships combined with proven management to build out a global consumer products leader. Our success will continue to rest in the ongoing development of our technology platform and fostering continued innovation, fiscal discipline, and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Fuse Science has respected and taken seriously the trust and financial commitment of our shareholders.  The Company will remain transparent and retain an open dialogue with our investors to the extent allowed by SEC rules. Fuse Science has a dedicated and knowledgeable shareholder base. We are continually receiving shareholder input, and we value the feedback we have received throughout the Company’s growth.  Fuse Science has and will always encourage shareholder participation. We are privileged to have such a working community.

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Fuse Science, Inc.
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Email: ir@fusescience.com

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