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Blue Earth, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBLU)

Blue Earth, Inc. and subsidiaries (NASDAQ:BBLU) is a comprehensive provider of energy efficiency and alternative/renewable energy solutions for small and medium sized commercial and industrial facilities. Blue Earth also owns, manages and operates independent power generation systems constructed in conjunction with these services.

Our turnkey energy solutions enable our customers to reduce or stabilize their energy related expenditures and lessen the impact of their energy use on the environment. Our services include the development, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance and in some cases, financing of small and medium scale alternative/renewable energy power plants including solar PV, Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) or on-site cogeneration and fuel cells.

We have continued to expand our comprehensive energy solutions business through strategic acquisitions of companies that have been providing energy solutions to an established customer base or have developed a proprietary technology that can be utilized by our customers to improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs and provide a better overall operating environment.

The acquired companies operational activities are being conducted through the following business units: Blue Earth Solar; Blue Earth CHP; Blue Earth EMS; Blue Earth PPS and Blue Earth EPS. The primary strategic objective for the respective business units is to establish and build brand awareness about the comprehensive energy solutions provided by Blue Earth to its existing and future customers.

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